The MOMS Club is an International non-profit club offering support to primarily stay-at-home MOMS, but all MOMS are welcome. Our club provides a way to meet other MOMS and their children, and enjoy many fun activities! The Malvern Chapter is in Pennsylvania and welcomes MOMS who live within the boundaries of the Great Valley School District.

Our club was founded by a few moms in April 1995, and has grown into a dynamic organization that has 50+ members.   Our meetings and activities are typically held during the week, in the daytime, with the exception of our monthly MOMS Night Out and occasional family activities. However, we encourage members to plan and host events that suit their schedules and weekends are certainly an option.

Membership Trial: You are invited to attend two activities held in a public location before deciding to join. Please come to a meeting and see what we’re about.  We look forward to meeting you!

Membership Requirements: Within the calendar year (January 1 – December 31), each member is required to fulfill the following requirements to:

  1. Host/create an event;
  2. Attend an event (in addition to the one you’ve planned); and
  3. Help with/attend an event that is community service-related.

For further information about the membership requirements, please contact our Membership VP at

Membership Dues: $25 per year.  We understand that being a mother “at home” often means a tight budget, so dues will be waived, if needed.  Funds are used to support our projects and programs.


We rely on the participation of all our members to make the group successful and lots of fun! Our chapter provides the following activities.

Playgroups– Children of the same age get together, along with their Moms, each week to play and share. These activities are hosted by the members in each group.  Multi-Age playgroups are available.  These playgroups are formed in direct response to requests from club members, and are more active in cold-weather months.  In warmer weather, we tend to meet up in larger groups at local playgrounds.

Field Trips– We invite all of our chapter members on Field Trips that are initiated and hosted by members. We try to vary the locations and costs of each field trip to accommodate everyone.

General Meetings – This is where we discuss issues relating to the club. We hope to welcome a few guest speakers later this year.

Weekly Park Day– Park Days are held on Fridays at different parks in or near Malvern, and are open to all current and prospective MOMS Club members.

MOMS Night Out – A night to take a break from being a “mom” and to enjoy the company of other adults.  We get together for dinner, a game night or some other entertainment.  We have had a spa night, we’ve had an event at a local painting place, and we’ve gone out to the movies together (among many other activities).  MNO usually happens on a monthly basis and these events are the only child-free events that we host.  (Children are welcome at all other events/activities.)

SOS (Save Our Sanity):  As-needed evening meetups for those Moms who need a little support when their partner is gone (out of town or working late).  Save our Sanity (SOS) are a get together for dinner during those crazy 4-7 pm witching hours when you have to go it alone. Post on the FB group wall when you are in an SOS situation and see who else is in need. If you’d be interested in coordinating or just keeping tabs on who has this need during the month.

JUMP (Just Us Moms Playing):  Calling all MOMS members with all their kids in school! If you want a formal way to keep up with the MOMS friends you’ve made during your time in the club, this is it. Plan to get together while your kids are in school.  This is sometimes a potluck where members share breakfast goodies and coffee at someone’s house, and sometimes a meetup at a local restaurant or coffee shop.

Book Club– Monthly Book discussion held in a group member’s home or at a local restaurant / meeting place.

Service Project – Each chapter must participate in at least one service project per year. Visit our service project page to see what we have been up to!